Oktopus Cashless is an ideal solution for charging for meals, snacks, drinks, souvenirs and other purchases from school, food courts, amusement parks and food outlets inside SPAs using either a bar coded/RFID chip payment card or biometrics (thumb/finger recognition). Oktopus provides a complete, integrated cashless system with fixed and mobile Point of Sale terminals with a variety of flexible paying in/loading options, including cash and credit card.

For instance, let’s look at the benefits of a school with multiple food outlets using Oktopus Cashless:

  • Eliminates the need to carry cash onto the premises. The removal of cash provides benefits in terms of security as each student’s photo is displayed at the till for recognition, removes a potential opportunity for bullying, encourages students to stay on-site at break times and can be used to encourage healthy eating as well as a full audit trail of students’ eating habits, should there be a need. Handling a card is also more hygienic than money notes.
  • Allows a centralized point of handling hard cash. For instance, in a school with multiple food outlets, the true daily income of each food stalls is reported by Oktopus via email the next morning to the management and vendors. The cash is in the hands of the school first instead of the vendors. Therefore, late under-declared payment to management are eliminated.
  • Enables controlled purchasing to limit the purchase of certain items and daily spendings as well as providing a useful tool for students with dietary or allergy requirements. Comprehensive and complete anonymous control of free meal allowance is also featured.
  • Emails weekly report to parents detailing food purchases.

Green School in Bali is one of our satisfied customers. Please click at this Green School link to learn more on how the system is working for them: Green School Cashless System