Oktopus is the ideal affordable software for small and mid-sized manufacturing businesses to manage their production from raw materials until finished goods and shipment.

The aim is to show in live data the whole production situation of all orders in terms of inventory of materials, status of all job orders in-house/outside vendors, daily production, rejects rate, purchase requests, sales order fulfillment and BOM status.

All of this is possible via an integrated system to reflect accurate live data without excel sheets, data entry duplication and stale data. Oktopus uses a scan in and out of job orders as they move from one production station to another. Same job order number can be split into 2 or more new JO whenever partial quantity can only moved to the next station.

Here is an example of an Oktopus standard chain of processes at a manufacturing plant:

  • Cost a new collection via Item card and Bill of Material (BOM) modules
  • Create a Quotation for a client
  • Turn a quotation into a sales order and invoice
  • Determine Production order with Sales order minus Finished goods inventory
  • Create the Master Material support list (all raw materials & components) of the production order
  • Open purchase requests/orders for raw materials/components after deducting MSL from inventory
  • Open production Job Orders In house or Outside Vendors Job orders together with the Materials Support List
  • Allocation/Kitting of materials/components to JO from Inventory
  • Scanning of Job orders as they move from casting, assembly in house or outside vendors, finishing, QC, warehouse with control of the material and findings
  • Finished pieces into warehouse inventory
  • Allocate finished goods to Sales orders
  • Packing list with outer and inner boxes
  • Invoice and shipping document


  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Management
  • Costing
  • Quotation
  • Sales Order
  • Material Support list
  • Inventory of Materials & Finished goods
  • Purchase and Service Orders
  • Job orders management of in-house/outside vendors
  • Bar code scanning of JO through work stations
  • Production & Capacity Scheduling
  • Quality Control
  • Defect Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Packing & Shipment
  • Cost Management
  • Live reporting


  • Online ERP software allows users to access anytime, anywhere
  • Make adjustments to BOM or production variation easily
  • Recognize and analyze defective products
  • Live data to trace status of orders and production bottle necks
  • Manage production schedule with greater ease
  • Control cost of labour and materials
  • Integrated system – no need for re-keying
  • Timely deliveries and happy customers

Why affordable?
Oktopus is a cloud system. You do not have to purchase Oktopus. Instead it is on an affordable monthly rental basis. There is no major upfront investment in expensive servers, software licenses and full time IT staff. Our monthly rental includes the software, customization and continuous technical support throughout the rental period. We offer free unlimited end users.