A SPA’s operational flow can be very complex; no SPA will have the exact same flow, as it depends on the services they are offering, their target market and their business set up. Off-the-shelf SPA solutions that are available online are not only rigid, they often offer limited customization and technical back up. Moreover, they are loaded with unnecessary and inapplicable features, rendering them not end-user friendly. With limited customization, the SPA has to inconveniently change their workflow to match the software, causing major disruptions and inefficiencies in their business operations and in turn, affecting their clients’ satisfaction.

Oktopus has a different approach.

We listen, learn and understand each SPA’s unique workflow down to the last details. Our team offers smart recommendations to simplify the workflow through the elimination of data entry duplication, automation of processes and data security. The software is then tailor-made according to the agreed workflow. Our SPA client will ask for further customization as we go through the process. In the end, the SPA will receive a highly personalized and synchronized solution, bringing a significant increase in work efficiency, end-user friendliness, superior live data visibility and in return, providing their SPA customers with superior service.

After the software implementation, our journey does not stop here. Oktopus continually provides technical support because we understand that as your business grows, your software requirements and needs will also change. We provide WhatsApp group communication desk help and, wherever possible, remote assistance with TeamViewer.

Here are some of our key features:

  • Auto-allocate available therapists and rooms for bulk booking
  • Treatment contract rate based on agent and validity date
  • Therapist point and fee based on type of treatments
  • Enable setup treatment bottom price to control minimum price
  • Schedule the day work according to therapist attendance
  • Calendar with comprehensive functionalities for booking and issuing invoices to customers/agents
  • Guest list report of the day and week
  • Payment status report for paid and unpaid revenue per agent and per treatment
  • SPA sales revenue per period including consolidated therapist points and fees
  • Pax summary report per treatment per agent
  • Multiple payments on multiple currencies
  • Fingerprint check in/out of therapists for each massage sessions

There is an option to integrate the SPA module to full Enterprise Resource Planning system with add-up modules comprising of Costing, Budget, Purchasing, Human Resources, CRM and Accounting.