Integration and Live Data

The traditional mindset of a Point of Sale (POS) being merely a cash register is rapidly changing. At Oktopus Solutions, our innovative POS system goes beyond the cash register limitations and offer you much more: a fully integrated system comprising cash register, recipe, food cost, inventory, purchasing and online live sales data delivered right to your mobile devices wherever you are.

If you have multiple sales outlets in different cities or countries, we connect all of the POS to your head office or direct them to your mobile phone via cloud technology with live sales, inventories and procurement reports. Even if your internet connection is unstable, Oktopus POS continues to work without internet, saving all of your business transactions in the POS and uploading them to the cloud at a regular, predetermined time interval.

Oktopus provides you with high visibility of your business performance without having to rely on your staff to email you Excel reports with stale data. You have full control of your business and can make rapid, informed decisions to direct your business to higher profitability and success.

Why are recipe, food costing and inventory important?

They are important, as they significantly influence the profitability of your business. Recipe provides the correct quantity of different ingredients to, say, cook fried rice. One of the most expensive ingredients is beef, which is not only used in fried rice, but may also be utilized in other dishes on your menu, such as in Spaghetti Bolognese.

Oktopus reconciles the total weight of beef used in all food items sold which contain beef versus the remaining beef inventory. If the discrepancy is big, that means much more beef has been used, and either your recipe is incorrect, or the cook is not following the recipe, or there may be a case of theft. More beef cuts into your profitability, and you may be selling at a loss margin.

Oktopus allows for daily and weekly blind inventory check and audit.

Hotel POS

Oktopus’s Hotel POS allows hotel guests to bill their food and activities, such as spa, vehicle rental/transport, tours and shopping, directly to their rooms, consolidating them into one main bill with the items differently priced in IDR and USD.

Our mobile POS via a smartphone or tablet allows guests to order food and services from the comfort of their rooms. The order goes direct to the POS, kitchen display or front desk. It has a message function for guests to ask, for example, for additional pillows, towels or other services. This results in prompt response to guests and, in turn, happy customers.

Oktopus Solutions is the only POS system in the market which can be customized to a high degree to match your business processes. Oktopus comes with an elegant LCD touchscreen terminal, a silent thermal printer and a cash drawer.

Key Features:

  • Multiple split payment within one bill, with cash, credit/debit cards, complimentary vouchers or credit
  • Equal division of bill among guests in one table or according to each guest’s order
  • Multiple currencies within one bill
  • Combine tables into one bill
  • Table change with guests moving to another table
  • Booking and payment through tour and travel agents
  • Price setting for different business time within one day, such as happy hour, mid-afternoon and regular time
  • Order priority to kitchen
  • Closing reports as cashiers change shifts and at the end of business day
  • Membership and reward programs featuring discounts, complimentary vouchers and bonus points
  • Cashless payment via money top-up cards, suitable for food courts and schools
  • Menu of the day
  • Mobile order-taking
  • Kitchen display
  • Agent commissions
  • Back office applications for recipe, inventory, food and beverage costs

Oktopus Mobile

The waiter takes orders into Oktopus mobile instead of using pen and paper. Orders are instantly sent via a wireless interface to the main POS cashier and kitchen display. A trained waiter with a handheld POS projects a professional image of your restaurant. It brings efficiency, speed and accuracy and greatly improves guest service and experience.

Oktopus Kitchen

All new orders for food and drinks taken by the waiter, either from a mobile device or a fixed POS, appear instantly with a bell sound on the Oktopus touchscreen display to the food and beverage team in the kitchen. The kitchen team presses “Done” on the screen as the orders are delivered to the tables.

Oktopus reports all cooking time for each order for costing purposes as well as team performance evaluation.


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