Almost all the hotel software available in the market are stand alone system handling only the hotel booking, check-in/out, calendar and billing. Oktopus offers you much more! Oktopus is an ERP software integrating and supporting your other key departments and business activities, namely:

  • Procurement
  • Receiving
  • Inventory
  • Sales including restaurant, spa, tours, transport etc.
  • Human resources
  • Budget
  • Finance
  • Costing
  • CRM

An integrated software eliminates duplication of data manual entry, access to more accurate/live data, high degree of automated processes and doing more with less staff.

Oktopus is the ideal and affordable software for small/mid-sized hotels and villa management businesses on monthly rental basis. It is a comprehensive and flexible cloud based system, helping your team manage the operations seamlessly from online/walk in booking, check in/out, housekeeping, consolidated billing with restaurant/other services and integrates with your other key departments.

Being a cloud system, there is no major upfront investment in expensive servers, software licenses and full time IT staff. Our monthly rental includes the software, customization and continuous technical support throughout the rental period. We offer free unlimited end users.

We used dedicated server from GoDaddy USA, the number one server provider in the world. GoDaddy provides high security and data backup. GoDaddy guarantees zero downtime even during server maintenance. Learn more at

Off-the-shelf hotel softwares are rigid, offer limited customization and technical back up. Moreover, they are loaded with unnecessary and not applicable features making them not end-user-friendly. With limited customization, the client has to inconveniently change their work flow to match the software, bringing big disruption in their operations and work inefficiencies.

Oktopus has a different approach. We listen and understand the client’s unique workflow to the last details. Our team brings recommendation to simplify the flow through elimination of data entry duplication, automation of processes and data security. Our software is then customized upon the agreed work flow. Clients will ask for more customization as we go through that process. At the end, the client gets a highly customized and matched solution bringing huge efficiencies, end-user-friendly and superior live data visibility.

Inside Oktopus hotel module, here are some of our features:

  • Online or walk in booking
  • Room rate setup based on low and high season, agents and members
  • Sales Partner/Agent % commission setup and calculation
  • Room Chart/Calendar with direct click to access functionalities like booking and billing.
  • Guest list report of the day and week
  • Housekeeping room maintenance daily status “Dirty”, “Clean In progress” “Inspection”, “Cleaned” and “Out of Service”
  • Package rate promo and consolidated billing on room, food, spa and other activities
  • Daily new booking report
  • Room revenue Report
  • Additional Revenue Report
  • Consolidated room & additional revenue report
  • Hotel production analysis report
  • Sales complimentary analysis report
  • Hotel occupancy status analysis report versus sales targets
  • CRM for returning guests with key information like food, service and dollar amount spent on previous stays